Good debts vs. Bad Debts: What Are There In Your Life?

Debts scare us because they can affect our credit history and put a heavy load on our neck for a long time.

But what if we told you that there are “good debts”? They are those credits or financing that help you increase your wealth, education or grow your business. Applying for a financing option is an initial step to start a business, therefore, it would not have negative effects on the economy of the company or the person.

“The real cause of complications due to indebtedness is not, in itself, the act of acquiring the commitment to pay; the problem comes when the obtained resources are used incorrectly through bad investments or unnecessary expenses. These are factors that invariably lead to over-indebtedness, which represents a more serious problem, ”says Marcelo de Fuentes, CEO of Fundary .

A “good debt” well invested and managed will achieve greater profitability to cover expenses and which through good practices, will result in the self-sustainability of a business and the need to borrow will decrease.

There is a way to responsible debt and avoid possible adverse effects in the future. The success of this process depends on several points that we will call good practices. Fundary makes these recommendations:

Acquiring a debt is not bad and it helps a lot in the development of a company; But the decisive piece between growing and over-indebtedness comes from the correct organization and use of resources so that, depending on the proposed time frame, self-sustainability is achieved and, consequently, healthier finances.

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