This ‘Shark Tank’-Funded Support Alleviates Back Pain and Improves Posture

Entrepreneurs tend to be mobile people. Sure, there are those days where you feel like you don’t stand up from your desk for eight straight hours, but by and large, you’re on the move, making deals, meeting clients, and pushing your business to the top. Doing so likely leads to some joint and back pain after a little while. You need your body to support your productivity, so it’s time to invest in BetterBack™ Luxe Posture Support.

This compact back-saver makes every chair ergonomic, helping to improve your posture and ease back pain. Successfully funded through ABC’s Shark Tank and Kickstarter, the Luxe features NASA-engineered memory foam, giving you extreme sitting comfort whether you’re in a waiting room, a conference room, your living room, or anywhere else. The chair doesn’t even need a back.

Wearing Luxe for just 15 minutes each day can get you back to your body’s default posture so even when you’re not using it, your posture is markedly improved. Whereas retaining your posture could take years of expensive doctor and chiropractor visits, the Luxe costs significantly less and will last you for years, thanks to the high-quality materials. The water-resistant outer shell prevents water penetration and slip-resistant knee pads prevent slippage so you can always sit comfortably. Plus, the custom webbing straps are flexible to support any body and are extremely versatile so you can use it while watching TV, traveling, working, meditating, and more.

Find out why the BetterBack™ Luxe Posture Support has earned a 4.3-star rating from Amazon users and take care of your posture. Normally $59, this incredibly useful posture support is on sale for 16 percent off at just $49.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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